Things to Do on Redang Island (2022) - Top 15 Activities and Attractions (2023)

Redang Island is famous for its breathtaking natural beauty and there are many things to do there. You'll find the perfect activity whatever your mood: whether you're relaxed, exploring, adventurous or just want to meet new people.

We've compiled a list of the top 15 activities and attractions in Redang Island that you shouldn't miss, so get ready for an exciting week!

1. Go diving

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Redang is a paradise for divers and non-divers. Scuba diving remains the main activity here, but snorkeling still offers a unique underwater experience without diving too deep or spending too much money.

Redang Island Marine Park boasts an impressive biodiversity and is located within a marine protected area. During the season, the surrounding waters are calm and clear. Many species of marine life can be found in Redang, including clownfish, parrots, angelfish, baby sharks and coral reefs.

In Redang, you can snorkel to see the island's fascinating marine life. There are also many opportunities to see the turtles for which the island is famous.

If you are here outside the monsoon season, you can dive at any time. The best time to explore the underwater world is from April to August, when waves and currents do not affect visibility and water quality.

Many resorts offer snorkeling trips as part of their holiday packages, which will take you to the best snorkeling spots on the nearby islands. In Long Beach, you can also find independent operators offering snorkeling and tours starting at around RM50 per person. Independently organized snorkeling trips are usually cheaper than those offered in resorts, and you can negotiate the price depending on the number of people in the group and the location you are interested in.

Dive tours will take you to amazing places and smaller islands such as Pulau Ekor Tebu, Pulau Lima and Teluk Mak Kepit.

Diving on the beach is an alternative to snorkeling trips. Several locations around the island are ideal for this, including Teluk Kalong opposite Taaras Resort in Teluk Dalam, Tanjung Mak Cantik and Tanjung Tengah in Pasir Panjang (Long Beach). Here you can meet beautiful coral reefs, turtles and even young blacktip sharks.

Most resorts offer snorkel gear rental for RM30 for a set of masks, snorkels and life vests.

Update (2021) - In response to Covid-19, most centers have stopped renting equipment.

Read more onRedang Island Scuba Diving Guide.

2. Diving

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In Malaysia, Redang Island has some of the best diving spots.

Located within a protected marine park that forms part of the Coral Triangle between Indonesia and the Philippines, Redang Island boasts a wealth of beauty and biodiversity. The archipelago formed by a group of small islands is surrounded by crystal waters, making it an ideal place for divers of all levels.

There are more than 20 dive sites on the island of varying depth and difficulty, so there's something for everyone. Popular diving spots include Tanjung Tokong, Tanjong Lang and Terumbu Kili. Divers can also explore two large WWII wrecks.

The best months for diving in Redang are from March to October, when the monsoon rain does not cause strong winds or currents.

If you've never dived before, consider getting certified at one of these fantastic dive centers. PADI courses are available for both novice and experienced divers who want more in-depth training. Those who are not ready to dive, but would like to practice a little, can participate in the "Discovery Scuba Diving" programs without the need to obtain a certificate.

3. Jungle walk

Things to Do on Redang Island (2022) - Top 15 Activities and Attractions (3)

There is more to Redang Island than just relaxing on beautiful white sand beaches and exploring a vibrant marine environment.

There is also a great variety of plants and animals such as monkeys, monkeys and monitor lizards. You can meet mouse deer (Sang Kancil) that live in the forest of the island. The interesting species that can be seen here also include tropical plants, i.e. Nepenthes, although they are less and less common.

Visitors to Redang Island tend to explore the eastern part as most of the resorts are located there. The best time to hike is in the morning to see the sunrise in the east and take advantage of the cooler weather, making the hike enjoyable.

If you plan to explore the island on foot, please bring a pair of walking shoes. There are many hiking trails in this beautiful tropical paradise and you are sure to find peace here.

Here are some popular routes to explore:

Pasir Panjang/Long Beach in Teluk Dalam

This trail is one of the most popular and most visited on the island. It connects Long Beach with Teluk Dalam (where the Taaras resort is located). Apart from boat trips across the bay, there is no road access between the two points.

The route is approximately 2 km each way in both directions and takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

From Pasir Panjang, you can also walk the main road to the village after the trail ends at Teluk Dalam. Thus, locals use this path to move between the village and Long Beach.

It is not a strenuous walk, but if your fitness is not very good, you may feel tired. Be sure to bring drinking water and snorkel gear with you so you can swim the second part when you get there.

The long beach in Teluk Kalong

The walk from Long Beach to Telok Kalong is a walk along a well-marked path. Head to Laguna Beach Resort Pier in Teluk Bakau and follow the path, keeping left to Telok Kalong Beach.

From the northern end of Teluk Kalong, it will probably take another 40 minutes to reach the southern end where Redang Mutiara is located. Halfway through, you have to cross a rocky hill and walk 500 m inland to reach the next part of the beach.

Walking along the beach from Teluk Kalong is relaxing and there are not as many resorts there as in Long Beach. Since you'll be on the sand most of the time, flip-flops are a great option.

To the rear of Wisana Resort there is another trail that will take you to the top of the hill with spectacular views. It will take about 40 minutes to get to the top and about 15 minutes to get back down. If you plan to do this on the way, take drinking water with you and wear sandals or trainers.

Tanjung Mak Chantek

It's a good choice if you're looking for a short hike with great views along Long Beach. Cape Tanjung Mak Chantek is located at the southern end of Long Beach. It's amazing to see the sunrise from the top of the cape if you wake up early.

There are two ways to reach the viewpoint. In Long Beach, you can hike the trail behind the More-More Tea Inn or walk onto the soccer field next to Laguna Jetty.

After about 20 minutes of walking, you will reach the top of the hill, which offers a breathtaking view of the eastern part of the island.

4. Visit the center of Redang Marine Park

The most popular snorkeling spot in Redang is near the Marine Park Center on the small island of Pulau Pinang. Diving tours usually include a day trip here, but you can also rent a boat to get here.

The best place for diving is around the pier. At depths of 3 to 6 meters, there is a wide variety of marine life and corals. Here you can meet giant groupers, moray eels, octopuses, turtles and many other species of fish. For more information visit Pulau Pinang Snorkeling.

Visitors to the Marine Park center can choose from a variety of attractions there. Diving and snorkeling are the most popular activities, but there is much more to discover.

Since 1990, the Malaysian Department of Marine Parks has maintained this center as a research center that protects, conserves and manages the marine environment.

The exhibition center is a great opportunity for many people to learn about marine life and conservation efforts. There is also a turtle sanctuary exhibition where you can see baby turtles from the hatchery located in the park.

Explore the island on foot. The old cemetery can still be seen on this island as it was once the residence of local fishermen who were later relocated to the main island.

To start this short, picturesque walk, turn right at the pier. Follow the path to the end and then turn left towards the hill. Follow the short uphill trail until you reach the lookout tower and lighthouse.

From the top, you can enjoy a full view of the beaches and skyline of Redang Island.

If you prefer to relax on the beach or have a picnic, you can do that too. There are picnic tables as well as small shops where visitors can buy food and drinks. Be sure to dispose of all garbage and food scraps in the designated bins on site after use.

The marine park center provides basic facilities for visitors. There is no villa or hotel here. Instead, there are campsites that serve as educational sites. There are toilets on site as well as a small mosque.

Redang Island requires visitors to pay a security fee which is collected at the onshore pier. If you don't have a receipt, you will need to buy one upon entering the center of the marine park.

fish feeding

Fish feeding is common in a marine park and many people assume that it is okay to feed fish, but it is not.

This is not recommended as it may affect the fish's ability to naturally behave as herbivores (herbivores). Fish fed an unnatural diet can negatively affect both their feeding patterns and the ecosystem as a whole. This imbalance in reefs is becoming more common, resulting in overgrowth of algae that slowly fades the colors of coral reefs and eventually causes them to die.

If you must feed the fish, do so sparingly. It would be better to just watch them than to feed them.

What if there were no coral reefs?

5. Observation and protection of turtles

There is no better place to see turtles in their natural habitat than Redang Island.

Turtles are easy to spot when diving and snorkeling around the island. The main species encountered here is the green sea turtle, which comes here during the mating season. Hawksbill turtles also frequent the island.

One of the main activities on the island is turtle conservation, run by the University of Malaysia's Terengganu Sea Turtle Research Unit (SEATRU).

We highly recommend visiting the SEATRU Turtle Laboratory at the Taaras resort. In cooperation with the tourist island, SEATRU educates visitors about the protection of turtles and the importance of protecting these animals.

Visitors can see turtle eggs in laboratory incubators and learn how they grow. The center's laboratory also has a display case where you can watch the hatching of turtles.

Turtle spawning season runs from May to July, and watching the turtles lay their eggs is an unforgettable experience. The best place to see nesting turtles is Pasir Chagar Hutang Turtle Reserve. However, this beach is closed to the public and is a guarded area. Some resorts can sometimes organize a trip here with the permission of SEATRU.

You can also watch young turtles released into the sea during the breeding season, from April to October. The annual turtle release program takes place from June to August at Taaras Resort in Teluk Dalam and Laguna Redang in Long Beach. Watching the turtles up close and watching them make their way back to the sea is a wonderful experience.

This is a good time for children to learn about nature and the importance of protecting these sea creatures for the future.

SEATRU offers volunteer programs for nature lovers interested in learning more about turtle conservation. As a SEATR volunteer, you will have the opportunity to help with conservation work in nesting sites, releasing chicks and environmental education. The event is open to volunteers from all over the world from April to September each year, with only ten participants per week per venue. Apply in advance via their website.

6. Take a cool selfie at Redang Maldives, or Atas Busung

Another must-see attraction on Redang Island is Busung Pulau Kerengga, or White Sand Bar on Kerengga Island. A crescent-shaped strip of pure white sand surrounded by blue water emerges at low tide, creating a picturesque setting. With each ebb and flow the shape changes.

Both tourists and locals come here to take photos.

This particular spit was named "Redang Maldives". In Malay it is called "Atas Busung". Easily accessible from Teluk Kalong, its pristine white sand can be seen in Teluk Kalong as well.

As part of a snorkeling trip to the beach, you are usually taken by boat. You can also go kayaking on Teluk Kalong Beach.

7. Enjoy the beach fun

You will never be bored in Praia as there are so many other things to do. Swim, kayak, stand-up paddle board, boogieboard or play frisbee.

Recently, transparent kayaks have become popular on the beach. You can rent one if you want to paddle and watch the underwater life at the same time.

If you are interested in kayaking, you can paddle through the mangrove forest near Alor Raja near Teluk Dalam Besar. Mangroves are one of the most biodiverse coastal habitats in the world and are home to a wide variety of plants and animals.

The sand is a great place for jogging or daily exercise.

When you're at the beach, there's no limit to what you can do. However, jet skiing, jet skiing, boat racing and fishing are prohibited on Redang as the island is a protected marine park and motorized water sports can damage coral reefs and aquatic life.

*Fishing is strictly prohibited within 2 nautical miles (3.7 km) around the marine park.

8. Relax on the beach

Sometimes it's best to do nothing on the beach. Spend your holiday relaxing, breathing fresh air and admiring the wonderful landscapes. Lie down on the soft white sand of the beach and enjoy the gentle sea breeze.

You can also read while basking in the sun. Don't forget a hat and sunglasses. Sun protection is mandatory.

9. Watching stars and sunrises/sunsets

Things to Do on Redang Island (2022) - Top 15 Activities and Attractions (4)

Wake up before dawn and head to the beach to watch the sunrise.Seeing the light on the horizon is certainly an unforgettable experience.

Long Beach and Teluk Kalong offer the best views. In the morning there will be relatively few people on the beach and it will be quiet. You can even meditate in peace on the beach.

At sunset in Redang, the view is equally captivating. The best way to spend a romantic evening is to walk along the beach with your significant other at sunset.

Even though the sunset takes place on the western part of the island, away from the seaside resort, you can still enjoy the city skyline in various brilliant shades of orange and red that fade into the night. Some resorts offer sunset tours, or you can rent a boat to watch the sun slowly sink below the horizon.

At night the stars shine and you can watch them for hours if you want. Watching the stars at night on the beach is a captivating experience. Be sure to bring your camera on a tripod as the star trails can be awe-inspiring if there are no clouds.

10. Nightlife

In Long Beach, you can relax after hours spent in the sun. Although Redang is not a party place, Long Beach has the best atmosphere of all. Bars and restaurants are open until late at night and you can order alcoholic drinks.

Some bars offer live music on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. It is a nice place to relax and sing along with others. Many resorts offer karaoke rooms, pool tables, and board games for guests to enjoy with family and friends.

Nature lovers can also observe sea creatures on the beach at night. If you are going for a walk on the beach at night, you will need a flashlight as it can be quite dark by now.

Crabs, mudskips and ostracods are just some of the interesting nocturnal animals that are worth watching.

Ostracods are small crustaceans that emit blue light to attract a mate or serve as a defense mechanism. They can be found gently sweeping the sand near the water's edge, and will glow blue in the dark. This fascinating phenomenon is called "blue sands" or "blue tears". It can often be seen at the southern end of Long Beach, where the Redang Reef Resort is located.

*Important: do not try to collect these little creatures for your collection. In such conditions, they are unlikely to survive, and you will not be able to discover the blue spot.

11. Taste the local food

Things to Do on Redang Island (2022) - Top 15 Activities and Attractions (5)

On this island, you have the opportunity to experience local Malaysian cuisine and delicacies. While many people book all-inclusive vacations that include meals, it's worth venturing outside the resort and sampling the local cuisine.

Redang Island has many restaurants where you can enjoy fresh seafood, local dishes and snacks. Visit the numerous restaurants around the long beach and Redang village to try local food.

You can also try the specialties of Terengganu, kelopor lekor and telur kubis from the warong (stalls) in the village. Keropok lekor is a fried fish sausage made with local fish flour and sago, seasoned with salt and sugar, and served with a spicy sauce.

Telur Kubis is a local variation of omelet dough in which three layers of fried flour are wrapped in layers of shredded cabbage, fish and eggs. According to legend, this snack comes from Redang and was once served to royalty.

It was called Telur Kubis because it was wrapped in seven layers resembling cabbage (Kubis means cabbage in Malay). The locals pronounce it as "Kue telo Kobeh" or "Telur Kobis".

More recommendations can be found in the "Where to eat in Redang" section.

12. Learn to make batik

Things to Do on Redang Island (2022) - Top 15 Activities and Attractions (6)

Batik is part of Malaysia's rich textile heritage and Redang Island is where you can learn how to make batik.

The Sun Batik Gallery at Redang Beach Resort Long Beach offers an interactive discovery tour for visitors interested in learning more about batik fabrics, patterns, and how they are made. You can attend a workshop to create your own unique piece of custom artistic batik fabric.

At the Sun Batik Gallery, you'll find lots of batiks with characters from modern cartoons or popular pop culture like Finding Nemo, Totoro and more.

Anyone can do these crafts, regardless of age or experience level, making it a great place to visit if you're traveling with kids. You can also order ready-made batik clothing or print an individual design on request.

13. Shop for souvenirs

You won't want to leave Redang Island without shopping for souvenirs. A variety of souvenirs such as batik mats, t-shirts and beachwear can be purchased at resorts, beach stalls and island villages.

Of the many souvenir shops on Redang Island, the most notable is "More More Tea Inn", located across from Laguna Resort. The bright and colorful house was originally built as a set for the 1999 Hong Kong film Summer Vacation. The island's harsh climate meant that the structure quickly deteriorated after filming was completed. Laguna Redang Island Resort rebuilt it in 2003 to create a more solid structure based on the original film. Since then, it has become the flagship of the island.

The colorful house is a great backdrop for photos, which is why visitors come here to take pictures.

14. Pamper yourself at the spa

Your body deserves a little pampering after enjoying all that Redang has to offer, and a day at the spa is the perfect way to do just that.

There is never a shortage of spa packages in Redang, which is good news. Treatments include a luxury spa, massages, manicures and facials. Prices for massage treatments range from RM 35 to RM 880 per session, depending on the type of treatment and resort. Traditional foot massages, oil massages, body scrubs and aromatherapy massages are popular.

In Long Beach, you'll find massage parlors at Sari Pacifica Resort & Spa Redang. Also check out the D'Manja outlets at the following resorts:

  • D'Manja forest spa and salon at Laguna Redang Island Resort
  • Massage on D'Manja Beach at Coral Redang Island Resort
  • D'Manja Ayu Wave at Redang Bay Resort

In Teluk Dalam, you can enjoy excellent spa treatments at Taaras Spa at the Taaras Resort. There is a wide range of massage and beauty salon services for men and women, as well as honeymoon packages. It's the perfect way to unwind and enjoy your holiday at this unique spa.

Reservations are highly recommended as these services always fill up very quickly. You can book directly with the spa or through the resort.

15. Redang Island with children

Redang is an ideal place for families with children.

With a wide range of activities to keep the most energetic children entertained, as well as plenty of opportunities to relax, this island paradise is perfect for anyone with children on hand. Kids will have fun learning about turtles, swimming, snorkeling, and even doing batik art.

There are several excellent accommodation options for families on Redang Island. Some resorts also have kids' clubs and pools where kids can have fun while you relax with a good book.


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