10 congratulations that confirm success (2023)

No matter the occasioncardsjust feel goodChristmas cards,birthday cards, miget well soon cardsoften come to mind. But what about cards that celebrate unique achievements?celebrating achievementsreward everyone involved. Psychologically speaking, praise elevates the mood of both the praiser and the recipient. The act of congratulatingstrengthens the relationship.

In the workplace, authentic congratulatory messages get excellent results. They can even boost employee morale. be inconstruction, between friends, or withloved ones, congratulations worth giving.

It is also worth giving the right way. That's why it's smart to figure out the best congratulations.message for the occasionand send it on a real handwritten card. Read on to find out how.

Why send greeting cards?

send onecongratulations cardgo further. Remember: actions speak louder than words.

The act of sending a card tells someone that it means enough to you to make it worth doing.construction. makes people feelappreciated and recognizedmore than just “congratulations!” verbal.

People sometimes keep physical congratulatory notes. They become meaningful memories. They can even cheer someone up on a bad day.

you knew the peoplespent $1.3 billionon valentines in 2020?

Celebrate life's greatest achievements with handwritten letters

You can celebrate almost anything with greeting cards. These can be major life events like a wedding or having a baby. Or they could be small achievements that you know are personally significant.

You can also celebrate the holidays with handwritten cards.

you knew the peoplespent $1.3 billionon valentines in 2020? A handwritten letter is a great way to make your card stand out.

Do people appreciate handwritten cards?

Yes! Peopleabsolutely appreciateHandwritten greeting cards and thank you notes. Frames, scrapbooks, and other means of preserving handwritten cards are making a comeback.

People wouldn't preserve something if it meant nothing to them. Plus, the beauty of the handwritten card makes it worth displaying.

People even appreciate handwritten cards that are just advertisements. Studies have shown that handwritten direct marketing letters havean open rate of 80%. How much better, then, are cards handwritten by someone who cares about you?

Handwritten letters are a better option than text messages.

People love being able to hold handwritten letters in their hands. They can read and reread a letter without feeling the pressure to respond instantly.

Handwritten letters can connect the reader with an emotional story. They evoke something deeper than a text message.

Handwritten letters are even better than typed letters and emails.

Email has many of the same problems as a text message. Although emails can be recovered, they seem ephemeral. This can make the words within them seem less important or less authentic.

A printed and typed physical letter is little better than an email. But onehandwritten letterstill has the advantage.

The lyrics seem personal. It takes time and speaks to the personality of the writer. This gives handwritten letters authenticity and charm.

where to start with handwritingcongratulations letter?

Are you interested in submitting a manuscript?congratulations letter? Big! There are a few things to think about before you start.

Who are you celebrating?

Greeting cards vary depending on who you send them to. If it's for a young relative, you'll want something that speaks to the milestone of the occasion, while still being fun, potentially even ending with a 'with love' message. Or, if it's a greeting card for a couple getting married,there are some specific things you should include.

Consider the personality of the recipient. Do they have a sense of humor they're known for or an author they like? Remembering these things allows you to make smart style decisions.

How should the letter be personalized?

Personalize the letter as you see fitDo you know the recipient?personally. If you only know them from afar, it's okay if it's a little less personal than a letter to your best friend.

Still, make sure the card isn't mistaken for a mass-produced card. You must at least name the specific recipientRealization. And, in addition to naming exactly what he did, you should talk about that person's unique “how”.

When to send thecongratulations card?

Some greeting cards have specific event deadlines. If you are congratulating someone on their graduation or wedding, the card should arrive at the time of the big day.

For other achievements, it's okay to send the card up to a week before the event. That being said, people generally appreciate recognition, even when it's late.

10 congratulations that confirm success (1)

10 congratulatory messages to recognizeSuccess

It is important to choose the right message for yourcongratulations card. Choose a message that reflects the recipient and the nature of the occasion.

As we promised in the title, we composed are10 congratulatory messages to recognizesuccess. Get inspired here!

1. Thoughtful messages to commemorate a successful event inConstruction

Thank your employee or coworker and be sure to mention their best qualities. Try writing: "your creative vision makes working with you a great experience." Or “your attitude makes you what you are: a winner”.

Above all, thoughtful messages must be warm and authentic.

Here's a thoughtful card to celebrate a success.constructionevent can sound like:

"My love _____,

Congratulations on your great promotion! They couldn't give it to someone more deserving. Your creativity and generous spirit make you an indispensable teammate.



2. funcongratulations cardpublications

Funny congratulatory messages are often sarcastic, use meme language, or involve puns. Sarcasm is misleading because it mentions the negative of aRealization.

A play on words can be "a toast to yourRealization”, written as a caption for a piece of buttered toast. Or, "Lettuce to celebrate!" with a picture of lettuce. Popular memes for greeting cards include:

  • Doge ("Congratulations, very graduated!")
  • Snoop Dogg-esque language (“Congratulations on your new job!”)
  • You did 'All things!' (from the comic Hyperbole and a Half)

In general, fun messages can really get into the celebratory spirit. Here's an example of what's funny.congratulations letterto your friend it might sound like:

"Hi best friend!

Congratulations on your new hizzle! I can't wait for your welcoming rage!

__[Your name]"

3.ConstructionBirthday congratulations carddesigns and messages

Do not think too muchconstructionbirthdaypublications "Felizconstructionbirthday!” is optimal. As well as ideas such as: “Thank you for being fundamental to our teamsuccess”, or “Here are ten great years!”.

So it's good to write:

“Dear [employee]

Here's to a great decade. Let's hope there are another 10 great years to come!"


[Boss Name]”

Sweet and simple works.

4.Happy birthdaymessages for relatives

For family members, it can be more personal. Mention something you really like about them. Inside jokes can be funny too.

Try starting with "I wish you all the best in the next chapter of your life." Or consider: “Mysincere congratulationsin youRealization.” You could even write "I'm so proud of you" if that makes sense for your relationship.

Try writing a letter like this:

"My love _____,

I am so proud of all yourstandconstruction. Congratulations on your graduation! You know that you will always have our support, wherever life takes you.


[Aunt + Uncle ___]”

Although it's short, it's a heartfelt message, especially when it's handwritten!

5. Religious congratulatory message

a religious classiccongratulations messagefocuses on God's blessings. “May the blessings and joy of God be with you”, for example. He may also quote a passage of scripture commemorating his religion.

A Christian might quote 2 Timothy 1:7: "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of strength, of love, and of a sound mind."

A Buddhist might appreciate this quote from the Dhammapada, verse 122: “Drop by drop the vessel was filled with water. In the same way, the sage, collecting little by little, fills himself with good.

Be sure to choose a religious message from the recipient's religion. An incorrect assumption is a false step! Here is a religiouscongratulations letteryou can write to an ordained rabbi Jewish friend:

"MiDear friend,

Good luck! Congratulations on your smija. I know G-d will bless any synagogue he runs through her wisdom and compassion.

Encourage yourself. As they say, “'Be anxious.' May your heart rejoice in beautifying each precept. Be like an open bottle and like a deep bed.”-Kallah Rabbati 4:6-7

I have the honor to meet you.


[Your name]"

6. Messages of congratulations for achievements

The important thing is to nameRealization. Also, name it as theRealizationhas positively impacted you or others. Try: “Congratulations on all yourstandconstructionin evaluating the pipeline. Thanks to you, the city will have clean water!”

You may also notice specific, positive personality traits. "We couldn't have won without his down-to-earth attitude and creative ideas."

You can write a letter using this format:

"My love ____,

Congratulations on [specificRealization]! We can always rely on your [specific quality] to see things through.


[Your name]"

No matter what you do, specificity is key.

7. Congratulations messages for weddings

You can't go wrong with "Congratulations on your marriage!" Classics like “I wish you many happy years together” also sound good.

You can also combine the congratulations with other congratulations.wishes. A letter in this format might sound like this:

"My love ____,

Congratulations! I wish you much love and joy on this happy day.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]"

It works because it's short and sweet.

8. Famous quote messages forcongratulations letter

It can be meaningful to add a quote from a famous thinker, artist or celebrity to acongratulations card. Here are a few to try:

  • "The celebration is a confrontation, paying attention to the transcendent meaning of one's actions." -Abraham Heschel
  • "There are two great days in a person's life: the day we are born and the day we find out why." –William Barclay

You can include the quote at the end of the message. So a letter could be something like:

"My love ____,

Congratulations on your new venture. May it be the first of many great things to come! You deserve to celebrate. As the poet Osho wrote,

See that all of existence is celebrating. These trees are not serious, these birds are not serious.

The rivers and oceans are wild, and everywhere there is fun, everywhere there is joy and delight.- Osho, poeta

I hope you feel the wild pleasure of the world today.


[Your name]"

Make sure the quote you choose fits the tone of the event.

9. Exclusive congratulations messages for babies

Anyone can write: "Congratulations on the baby!" For something different, try saying, "You have a lucky baby." Or write: “BRAVO! A standing ovation for your new bundle of joy!”

Another technique is to approach the baby directly. Try writing a letter like this:

“Dear [baby's name],

Welcome to the world, dear. Your parents will do fine.

See you later!

-[Your name]"

This is a quirky and fun twist on the conventional.congratulations messagefor new parents.

10. Short and SweetHappy birthdayWelcome Card Messages

For a new owner, write: "Congratulations on the house!" Or try something even shorter. You can also write a letter like this:

"My love _____,

Sometimes the clichés are true: home is where the heart is. Congratulations forfind a placefor you and yours.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]"

When it comes to welcome messages, don't overthink it!

Send handwritten letters from your phone

Sending handwritten cards doesn't have to be a chore. You may think you don't have time. Or are you painfully aware that your handwriting is terrible!

Good news: you can send handwritten letters right from your phone. Be considerate, after all, it's the idea that counts. Then type your message inthe Handywrytten app!

Instead of sending what you wrote to your friend, you can send it as a letter. It takes the same time as sending text messages. But, it is much more significant.

Send a handwritten card today

Ready to send handwritten congratulatory messages? sign up for aFree Handwritten Counttoday. Browse our wide selection of cards or jump into the action with our tutorials. For more great items likesend birthday card messages for employeescheck out our blog.

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